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CCI can help clients with chronically high numbers of account delinquencies put together their own staff of trained collectors.  Using techniques perfected in over four decades of successful recovery, we can transfer to your organization the skills and attitudes of customer respect, making your staff more efficiently trained and poised to handle one of your most difficult and challenging processes of your business.


Receivables Management Consulting

Evaluation and assistance of accounts receivable process, timelines, cost effectiveness, and outsourcing performance.

A/R Follow up and Insurance Rebilling

Effective process of evaluating primary billing procedures and ultimately finalizing accounts resulting in more accurate accounts receivable.

On-site Receivables Management Projects

Experienced and trained professionals provided for temporary portfolio projects.




Whether it is a two hour analysis or a two week overhaul, allow CCI to introduce our methodology of accounts receivable management to your office.  Services include:


Review and revise collection letters and notices.

Review and revise account timelines

Manage and train on collection tactics and effective negotiating techniques

Review and audit performance of third party collection agencies

Improve aging of receivables

Skip tracing in the technology age

Dealing with difficult and irate customers

Training staff to motivate slow-pay and no-pay customers, while maintaining compliance with the FDCPA guidelines

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