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Credit Center offers a variety of early intervention solutions aimed at reducing the volume of accounts which proceed to third party collections. Every pre-collection program is customized to suit the objectives of the client. Pre-Collection programs are the most cost effective collection tool. They significantly improve cash flow, and immediately affect the accounts receivables and days outstanding.

Information, along with a carefully monitored systematic approach to the collection process, allows CCI to not only deliver the desired results, but to do so in a cost effective manner. Technology plays an important role in increasing our productivity, allowing CCI to handle large volumes at an attractive rate for our customers.


This service is used to improve your cash flow and productivity by simply and actively soliciting payments from accounts that are late but not yet delinquent.  Here you avoid the need to invest in and manage new skills and technologies while benefiting from our existing infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, process and procedures.




Low cost approach of contacting and reminding customers of delinquency, with high success rates because of aging.

Outbound Calling Campaigns

Cost effective program resulting in faster payments, while ensuring the accounts truly qualify for collections




Pre-Collection/Early-Out and Letter Service Programs are Usually Initiated at 45-60 Days Past Due

Tailored Client Programs are Conducted by a CCI Subsidiary, Receivable Management Systems

Programs Consist of 1-4 Customized Letters and are Often Supplemented by 1-4 Telephone Calls

Pre-Collection Program Prices are Quoted as a Flat Rate per Account Based Upon the # of Accounts

Unpaid Pre-Collection Accounts can be Electronically Transferred into a Regular Collection Program

Pre-Collection Programs Generate Invoices and Reports Separate From Regular Collection Programs

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