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We have 54 years of experience working with the Connecticut and New York communities.  Our historical recovery rates are in access of 33% which convincingly exceeds national industry averages.  With longevity comes knowledge and experience in dealing with all levels of collections within all segments of the marketplace.

Regardless of your business model and functions, CCI will customize a collection campaign tailored to your business and client base.  CCI designs and implements innovative receivable management programs which improve cash flow and increase profitability while providing superior performance results and support services.

What distinguishes CCI is our ability to help you achieve your most ambitious receivables management goals while positively interacting with your customers with whom we come in contact.

After all, it is no secret that while some companies in our field can be unproductive at helping you convert receivables into cash, others can be downright counterproductive to your efforts to project the right image in your marketplace and maintain the loyalty of your customers.

With this fresh approach, we believe that debt collection need not result in lost customers and tarnished good will.  Instead, we train and equip our people to use our process not only to cut delinquencies but also strengthen relationships  with your customers and enhance the image of your organization.





Organization Names:                      


Credit Center, LLC.



Credit Reporting

Litigation Preparation/Collector Training

Secondary Placements


Receivable Management Systems

Arrangement/Time-pay Accounts

Pre-collection Programs/Letter Services

Third Party Insurance Billing



Check Recovery Services



Emergency Medical Services  / Ambulance  Billing

Dental Billing



March 6, 1967


Foreign Languages:                        

CCI has multiple Collectors with Fluency in Spanish and Portuguese


Company Officers:                                                                                   

Noel C. Roy:                  CEO

Noel C. Roy II:               President


Company Management:                  

Dawn C. Moller:             Chief Operating Officer

Neal A. Silverman:         In Loving Memory

Vanessa Ivansco:            Accounting & Benefits Manager

Cheryl Diffen:                System Administrator & Network Supervisor


Professional Affiliations and Memberships:

American Collectors Association, Inc.

ACA Check Services Program                                                

Healthcare Financial Management Association

ACA Online Services                                                                         

CT Medical Group Management Association

Consumer Credit Association of Connecticut                  

Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce

Connecticut Association of Collection Bureaus               

Connecticut Business & Industry Association

The Connecticut Hospital Association


Professional Offices Held:     

Noel C. Roy II:      Past President, CT Association of Collection Bureau

Noel C. Roy II:      ACA Scholar; Education Chairman & State Coordinator


Trustee Account:                             

Union Savings Bank. - Danbury, CT


Bonded By:                                      

The North River Insurance Company - Morris, NJ


Licensed By:                                             

State of Connecticut, Department of Banking, Consumer Credit Division

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