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The CCI Partnership: A Proven Success - A note to all Financial Professionals


Through our expansion, we are looking to become your strategic partner and can assure that both you and your clients will be handled with the utmost integrity and professionalism all while maximizing your bottom line.

We have been a trusted and respected partner in this industry for over four decades and would welcome an opportunity to provide you and your clients with a full customizable review of the collection process to identify the key areas where we can reduce your cost while increasing your returns.


How does a Partnership with CCI and Financials professionals work?

It is no secret that within the business community, a Financial Advisor is one of the most trusted resources relied upon by individuals and business owners.  Throughout our years in operation, we have worked with some of the top advisors and agencies in our area simply because we believe that we can bring significant value to any practice.  As most of you may know, within the financial planning process, one of the most difficult things to accomplish is to ensure that an individual or business is both invested and protected properly to ensure a sound financial strategy. 


What we find is that for those individual businesses that extend credit to its clients, it is often the case that their accounts receivable process is poorly managed leaving substantial amounts of capital on the table.  By utilizing our services, it will allow the business owner to focus on revenue generating activities versus chasing after lost or delinquent accounts. 

Our role is to recover such unrealized debts providing the business owner and financial advisor flexibility in having more capital to ensure that the financial planning is fully realized or near its completion.


In this scenario, it becomes a win, win, win situation for all parties involved.



Financial Professional:

Financial Advisors have the ability to sell more financial products thus increasing compensation.  This added capital will also allow for a more substantial and robust planning strategy for the client.


Business Owner:

Business owners will have more time to focus on growing their business and not managing their delinquent accounts.  This will allow for increased revenue both on our ability to recover debts but also in the ability for the business owner to redirect their staff to also focus on revenue generating activities.



As always, our goal is to become a natural extension of any business owner’s operation and become a solid partner to any Advisor or firm who needs it.  Our business model has been built on a foundation of strong and ethical partnerships that are long lasting.  This allows us to focus on continues innovations and growth to help service our loyal clients.

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