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The CCI Partnership: A Proven Success - A note to all CPA and Bookkeeping Service firms


Through our expansion, we are looking to become your strategic partner and can assure that both you and your clients will be handled with the utmost integrity and professionalism all while maximizing your bottom line.

We have been a trusted and respected partner in this industry for over four decades and would welcome an opportunity to provide you and your clients with a full customizable review of the collection process to identify the key areas where we can reduce your cost while increasing your returns.


How does a Partnership with CCI and Accounting professionals work?


In recent years, we have partnered with some of the top Accounting professionals and CPA firms throughout Connecticut and New York and have become a preferred vendor of such services.  We have found that through this strategic alliance, it has allowed us to help such companies in providing an effective and efficient post billing solution to their clients.  Our approach has proven to provide our partners with greater client recruiting and retention abilities as we have become a natural extension of their business.

One of the more important roles accounting professionals can perform is that of a consultant. In this role, the accountant may find him or herself researching a number of ways to save a corporation or small business money or developing financial plans that allow the business or corporation to look attractive to investors.

Within this role, accounting professionals have the requisite skill and experience in establishing and maintaining accurate financial records for individuals and business owners alike.

Our goal is to enhance the services offered by such professionals by deploying a proven approach in our ability to recover lost or unrealized debt.  Our advanced technologies allow for accurate and simple to read reporting of our progress and most importantly, our proven recovery results. 

We are confident that a CCI partnership will enrich and strengthen the enterprises you’ve worked hard to develop.  As a company who also relies on such relationships, we understand the benefit of offering a service that is resolute.

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