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Dental Billing - Powered by MedFinancial

MedFinancial is a full service third party billing company, which exclusively services the Emergency Medical Services and Dental industry.


Security - that your claims are billed for maximum reimbursement.

Confidence - your patients / residents are handled professionally and with courtesy.

Conviction - that MedFinancial will follow up with the insurance companies on every claim; and we do get results.

Belief - that your older accounts receivables will be clean, minimal and accounted for - absolutely no claims are written off without your approval.

Certainty - that MedFinancial has the trained staff and state-of-the-art technology to bill, and more importantly track and collect revenue on your behalf in a manner which is in accordance with all laws - state, federal, HIPPA, etc.

Faith - that we will assist your outfit in a seamless transition to MedFinancial from another billing service. MedFinancial also has the experience to expedite the process of taking your EMS service from a non-billing entity to one that will professionally bill and capture revenue to offset the ever-increasing costs of providing your services.

Commitment - that MedFinancial will meet the goals and objectives set forth by your organization. Also that we will maximize your potential revenue, while making every effort to minimize any tarnished good will.

Dependability - MedFinancial will deliver outstanding service. Our team will be available to assist your organization and develop a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.



Full Patient Accounting and A/R Services.

Electronic Claims Submission.

CPT and ICD-9 Coding.

Monthly Management Reports.

Managed Care Reimbursement Analysis.



Billing and Reimbursement Analysis.

Locality-specific Fee Schedule Review.

Managed Care Contract Analysis.



Organization and Operations Consulting.

Staff Training and Continuing Education.

CPT and ICD-9 Utilization Reviews.

Reporting and Analysis of Patient Referral Patterns.



Spend more time caring for your patients and less time managing your business office.  We offer expert resources, unique skills and leading-edge technologies to enhance healthcare delivery.


Our Customized business services will help you:

Optimize Reimbursement.

Maximize Positive Cash Flow.

Reduce Administrative Expense.

Increase Proactive Profitability.

Improve Staff Productivity.

Minimize Claim Rejections.

Strengthen Patient Relations.

Preserve Patient Confidentiality.

Automate Collection Turnovers.



1 - Powerful and flexible developer-supported billing software for patient billing and financial reporting.

2 - State-of-the-art hardware platform and network with 24-7 technical support and redundant full system back-up of client patient information.  MedFinancial makes two database back-up copies each day, one copy is taken off-site.

3 - Entire MedFinancial professional staff is responsive to patient billing inquiries.  MedFinancial phone lines are open Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.

4 - Daily electronic submittel of insurance claims to all carriers that accept claims electronically.

5 - MedFinancial is committed to delivering outstanding client service and support.  MedFinancial can present positive references from our diverse client base.

6 - Experienced personnel dedicated to insurance claims follow up.  MedFinancial creates a weekly A/R report by insurance carrier for each client beginning with the approximate date insurance company reimbursement is anticipated.

7 - Mailing of patient statements after primary and secondary insurance companies have remitted payment.  MedFinancial begins a cycle of 3 mailed patient statements after final reimbursements are received from the primary and secondary insurance carriers and posted in our billing system.

8 - Specially trained representatives perform charge entry, payment posting and claims follow up duties.  MedFinancial assigns separate billing specialists to perform each individual task.  Senior staff serve as client liaison contacts.

9 - Entire billing staff has network access to all client databases which minimizes potential disruptions caused by workstation failures.  MedFinancial cross-trains billing specialists using a variety of clients and medical specialties.

10 - Comprehensive business insurance coverage to guard against any unanticipated catastrophic loss.  MedFinancial has adequate business property insurance and liability coverage to protect our company assets and our client's interests.

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