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Debt Collection Services – Credit Center, LLC.

Professional Debt Collectors Since 1967

Innovative and Strategic Solutions for Your Business

Competitive Rates and Outstanding Customer Service

Technologically Driven to Produce Consistent Results

Contingency Collections: A courteous yet tenacious approach to receive payments from previously uncollectible accounts

Professional and Considerate Telephone Campaigns

Effective Notices: Approved by ACA and the Banking Department Division of Consumer Protection




Besides the customized letters, Auto dialer capabilities, credit reporting abilities (with client authorization) and litigation preparation process (with client authorization), our main focus and results are often generated by our experienced staff.  While all of our managers have been with CCI for over 20 years, it is through them and their teams of collection representatives who through their direct dial campaigns, we are able to reach the recovery goals of both our clients and ourselves.

Our collectors work directly with your debtors with a tone of civility, respect and encouragement.  They will often provide counseling on their existing circumstances of poor credit, how they might better manage their finances and how they can possibly re-establish positive credit.  While most agencies only focus on volume driven collection techniques with mediocre recovery results, our objective is to not only collect the outstanding debt but to also ensure that we provide your client/debtor with a positive experience.  The end result is the debt gets paid and customers are retained, often with a better ability to manage their future credit obligations. Our philosophy is to strengthen relationships with your customer and enhance the image of your organization. We have proven that high levels of success in debt collection can co-exist with high customer satisfaction rates.


Internet based information and locating tools (skip tracing)

Experienced and Certified Collectors

Insurance Follow-up and Re-billing Department: Value added service from CCI, we help people get their bills paid!

Payment Methods: CCI accepts all forms of Payments over the phone, in person or Internet via our secure payment processing system.

Credit Reporting (all three bureaus): Very successful tool to inevitably secure the satisfaction of a debt

Litigation Preparation: CCI can and will litigate successfully on behalf of our clients.

Secondary Placement Collections: Often an overlooked service allowing CCI to audit and evaluate the performance of the primary agency.  This is a proven effective tool used to increase recovery rates.

Reporting Capabilities: CCI will provide a wide array of monthly reports, or customize the format of your data to your liking.

All collection programs may be tailored to meet specific needs or objectives of our clients.




Day 1 – CCI Receives Collection Account Files from Client in any Electronic or Hard Copy Format

Day 2 – Accounts Are Assigned CCI Codes and Entered into System with Client Account Numbers

Day 2 – Color, Laser-Quality Validation Notices are Mailed in Compliance with FDCPA Regulations

Day 3 – Turnover Acknowledgment Report is Electronically Transmitted or Mailed to Client

Day 7 – Initial Telephone Calls Placed in Attempt to Contact Debtors; Full Miranda Warning is Stated

Daily – Debtor Payments Are Received Via Cash, Credit, Debit or ACH.

Daily – Secondary Insurance Billing and Re-billing Performed Using UB-92 and HCFA 1500 Forms

Daily – Collectors Seek Payment in Full; Establish and Manage Reasonable Payment Arrangements.

Daily – Notices Returned Due to Incorrect Addresses are Skip-traced and Re-entered into System

Daily – Debtor Payments Made to the Client are Reported to CCI Via Fax Or Electronic Transfer

Daily  - With Clients Authorization, Credit Report to Main 3 Bureaus and Litigation Preparation.

Monthly – CCI Generates and Mails Remittance Reporting with Net Check

Day 45 – Collection Software System Automatically Generates 2nd Collection Notice

Open – Collector Discretion Determines Timing of 3rd Notice Reminding Debtor of Delinquency

Day 255 – With Client Approval, CCI will Credit Report Delinquent Accounts After Mailing 3rd Notice

Open – Collector Discretion Determines Timing of 4th Notice Issuing Final Demand for Payment

Open – Litigation Preparation is Initiated after 5th Notice: CCI Litigates if Client Authorizes in Writing




Credit Center offers a variety of early intervention solutions aimed at reducing the volume of accounts which proceed to third party collections. Every pre-collection program is customized to suit the objectives of the client. Pre-Collection programs are the most cost effective collection tool. They significantly improve cash flow, and immediately affect the accounts receivables and days outstanding.

Information, along with a carefully monitored systematic approach to the collection process, allows CCI to not only deliver the desired results, but to do so in a cost effective manner. Technology plays an important role in increasing our productivity, allowing CCI to handle large volumes at an attractive rate for our customers.


This service is used to improve your cash flow and productivity by simply and actively soliciting payments from accounts that are late but not yet delinquent.  Here you avoid the need to invest in and manage new skills and technologies while benefiting from our existing infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, process and procedures. 




Low cost approach of contacting and reminding customers of delinquency, with high success rates because of aging.

Outbound Calling Campaigns

Cost effective program resulting in faster payments, while ensuring the accounts truly qualify for collections




Pre-Collection/Early-Out and Letter Service Programs are Usually Initiated at 45-60 Days Past Due

Tailored Client Programs are Conducted by a CCI Subsidiary, Receivable Management Systems

Programs Consist of 1-4 Customized Letters and are Often Supplemented by 1-4 Telephone Calls

Pre-Collection Program Prices are Quoted as a Flat Rate per Account Based Upon the # of Accounts

Unpaid Pre-Collection Accounts can be Electronically Transferred into a Regular Collection Program

Pre-Collection Programs Generate Invoices and Reports Separate From Regular Collection Programs




Whether it is a two hour analysis or a two week overhaul, allow CCI to introduce our methodology of accounts receivable management to your office.  Services include:


Review and revise collection letters and notices.

Review and revise account timelines

Manage and train on collection tactics and effective negotiating techniques

Review and audit performance of third party collection agencies

Improve aging of receivables

Skip tracing in the technology age

Dealing with difficult and irate customers

Training staff to motivate slow-pay and no-pay customers, while maintaining compliance with the FDCPA guidelines




CCI can help clients with chronically high numbers of account delinquencies put together their own staff of trained collectors.  Using techniques perfected in over four decades of successful recovery, we can transfer to your organization the skills and attitudes of customer respect, making your staff more efficiently trained and poised to handle one of your most difficult and challenging processes of your business.


Receivables Management Consulting

Evaluation and assistance of accounts receivable process, timelines, cost effectiveness, and outsourcing performance.

A/R Follow up and Insurance Rebilling

Effective process of evaluating primary billing procedures and ultimately finalizing accounts resulting in more accurate accounts receivable.

On-site Receivables Management Projects

Experienced and trained professionals provided for temporary portfolio projects.




Did you know...the probability of collecting an overdue account drops to:

73% after 90 days

57% after 6 months

29% after 1 year


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