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Our Collections Philosophy: A Fresh Approach


At CCI, we work hard to convert your receivables into cash.  Accounts are worked through a systematic approach that is tested and proven to maximize recovery rates and your revenue.  Our innovative process of database management allows CCI to intelligently manage every account in an effective and efficient manner. 


Throughout the lifecycle of an account, CCI dedicates the attention necessary to deliver a final determination of collectability.   


CCI takes a different approach.


CCI proves to its clients that high levels of success in debt collections can co-exist with high levels of customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to become a natural extension of your business and its’ billing department by taking a consultative approach to customize a collection program that delivers steady results in a cost effective manner.  We offer receivables management services that build value and lasting partnerships, which meet the growing and complex needs of our clients.


This is the philosophy that we have employed for 45 years.  It has enabled clients of CCI and its subsidiaries to reap the financial and contingent rewards of a refreshingly professional approach, sophisticated technologies and unrelenting commitment to client service. 

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