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Check Recovery - Powered by AMERICHECK


The AMERICHECK solution is simple, effective, and free! By law, the costs are passed on to the check writer. (Posted note on most check registers of fee) AMERICHECK can recover your returned checks at no cost to you and without investing the time and effort of your personnel. How? Simply authorize your bank to forward all returned checks directly to AMERICHECK. We contact the writer of each returned check using a program of persuasive letters and courteous telephone calls. With typical success rates of 80% or higher, we will recover the full face amount of the check and remit payment to you at the end of each month. We will also collect a service charge fee from the check writer which covers our fee. Our ability to electronically (and legally) represent the checks in a cost-effective manner significantly improves our recovery rates.

 No contract is necessary, your organization retains complete control over your returned checks at all times - simply contact your bank and have the returned checks redirected back to your office if you are ever unsatisfied - you have nothing to lose. We understand the importance of retaining your customers. All recovery efforts are conducted with that in mind.

 Retailers have trusted our experienced and trained staff to solve a common problem relating to the receipt of bad checks.  Our historical bad check recovery rates are in access of 87%.  Retailers receive 100% of the face value of the recovered check revenue while all service costs are transferred directly to the check writer.




Americheck Has 45 Years Of Check Recovery And Collection Experience

Americheck Is Licensed And Fully Insured To Perform Check Recovery

NSF Checks Are Forwarded to Americheck Directly From Merchant’s Bank

Professional Check Recovery Is Provided To The Merchant At No Cost

Recovery Services Are Paid By Check Writers Via A $20.00 Service Charge

Check Recovery Services Can Be Followed By A Regular Collection Program

Americheck Complies With All Applicable Statutes Including FDCPA And FCRA

Americheck Will Remit Monthly The Full Face Value Of All Recovered Checks

Merchant Agrees To Post Americheck Sticker As Notice Of Service Charge

Merchant Agrees To Monthly Remittances Net Of Any Fees Due Americheck

Americheck Requires No Annual Membership Fees Or Long Term Contracts

Americheck Provides Performance Reports and Remittance Advice At No Cost




Americheck Check Recovery Services Increase Merchant Cash Flow And Profit

Americheck Eliminates The Expense And Effort To Recover Returned Checks

Americheck Builds Business Goodwill With Courteous Telephone Demeanor





Check writer presents check to Retail Merchant



Retail Merchant deposits check with the Bank


3 - BANK:

Bank returns dishonored check directly to AMERICHECK



AMERICHECK recovers the face amount of the check from the check writer plus a $20 service charge



Check writer pays the full check amount, plus the $20 service change directly to AMERICHECK



AMERICHECK reimburses Retail Merchant for the full check amount




DAY 1 - AMERICHECK receives returned checks directly from client's bank

DAY 2 - AMERICHECK assigns a unique number to each account and enters it into our collection database

DAY 3 - AMERICHECK acknowledges checks received via electronic or hard copy report to client

DAY 4 - AMERICHECK mails validation first notices with full miranda warning

DAY 7 - AMERICHECK places courteous telephone calls that begin with "mini miranda" disclosure

DAILY - AMERICHECK received return local and/or toll free calls from check writers

DAILY - Debtor payments accepted via credit card, debit card or check draft

DAILY - Notices returned due to incorrect addresses are skip-traced and re-entered into database

WEEKLY - Telephone contacts are attempted weekly throughout the check recovery process

WEEKLY - Clients are asked to fax payment form to AMERICHECK listing payments received

MONTHLY - AMERICHECK mails detailed invoice statement to client with remittance check

DAY 32 - AMERICHECK mails second notice advising that account remains past due

DAY 60 - Delinquent accounts are transferred to CCI for regular collection follow-up

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