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The CCI Partnership: A Proven Success - A note to all Collection Agencies


Through our expansion, we are looking to become your strategic partner and can assure that both you and your clients will be handled with the utmost integrity and professionalism all while maximizing your bottom line.


We have been a trusted and respected partner in this industry for over four decades and would welcome an opportunity to provide you and your clients with a full customizable review of the collection process to identify the key areas where we can reduce your cost while increasing your returns.


How does a Partnership with CCI and Collection professionals work?


As a CT Licensed Agency, we have been partnering with fellow Collection Agencies and professionals not currently licensed to operate within the state of Connecticut.  This partnership allows such agencies the ability to grow their business within our geographic area as well as insure that such firms are not turning away business due to regulatory compliance.  As these relationships strengthen, our marketing reach will also create opportunities to cross refer our clients to such agencies to accomplish the same benefit to our operations as we can provide for your company.  This business exchange allows for greater client outreach and company growth.

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